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New: Caliber 99.9

Centersecond Power Reserve Display

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Ladies' Watch Caliber 2016

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It all started on a gloomy November evening in 1959. The city of Chemnitz should be named Karl-Marx-Stadt for another 30 years, when the watchmaker Dieter Dornblüth from the village of Salzwedel, Saxony-Anhalt, designed his first own movement in a furnished room. For three years he went to the Erzgebirge to expand his horological knowledge. He had been occupied by an almost lost case for some time: a sterling silver pocket watch with an extra large eccentric second display and a sturdy movement of high quality. During his long repair job, Dornblüth became so fond of this pocket watch that he was rather sad when its owner came to pick it up on that particular November day.

That same evening, Dornblüth sat down and started designing a sturdy wristwatch movement ... read more ...

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